About us

How did your fetish for pantyhose start?

I was raised on the upper east side of Manhattan. I was about 10 when my parents put me in Catholic School; I must say it
sucked the big one till I turned 13 and the school went coed.This is where I found my true love for pantyhose. I was surrounded by girls wearing pantyhose all day long .
The girls all had to wear gray pleated skirts white blouses with pantyhose or tights they were a mandatory part of the female uniform. I would keep looking at girl's legs every time they sat beside me not  yet knowing the full power of pantyhose, all I knew isthat I loved looking at them and wondered what it would feel like to the touch. One  day after school my friend asked me to help him with his bike, I was happy to go as he had a hot older sister who at the time was a senior at our school and the best part was that she wore hose all the time, that particular day I made up my mind that I was going to steal a pair of her pantyhose, just as my luck would have it not long after we got to their house she went to her room to change, I watched from the bottom of the stairs as she went from her room to the bathroom with her uniform in hand. I told my friend I had to go to the bathroom and locked the door, than started digging through the hamper my heart pounding out of my chest as I was looking for the Holy Grail, and there it was, rolled up between her skirt and blouse. My hands shaking I quickly grabbed her sweet smelling suntan pantyhose rolled it up and stuffed it in my pants pocket,flushed the toilet and told my friend
that I had forgot but had to go home as I was to do chores around the house. Well the only chores i was doing for the next few weeks was on myself.


How did Zoligirls come about?

The concept of Zoligirls came to life on a cold winter day in 1999 following a local college football game's half time show. I have never in my life seen so many hot teen cheerleaders kicking up their super shiny pantyhose covered legs. I was drawn to one cheerleader especially who was wearing cotton panel pantyhose and every time she kicked her legs up in the air.
I was able to catch a glimpse. I could not believe the sudden rush I felt for wanting to see more. As you may have guessed that feeling grew stronger but I was able to see it less and less, I spent the next few months joining cheerleader and schoolgirl websites to get my fix. At one point I had a membership with 12 different sites since they only put up one pantyhose cheerleader or schoolgirl set a month. From this point on I wowed to make a site to fill my need and bring it all together,Pantyhose with school uniforms cheerleader outfits, majorette and even skater uniforms. So here I am 12 years later bringing you the pictures that we all want to see on the street but very rarely find, I have received requests for all kinds
and colors of pantyhose, slouch socks, sneakers, and uniforms. I now have a studio and a full stock of Pantyhose. Hope you enjoy the site as much as I enjoy taking the pictures and the videos for You. I now use 2 cameras the main is the canon 40 d and a Nikon D70 for the back up In studio i use nothing but Novatron lighting Out doors i use flash reflectors or the canon speedlite 580 EX II

How do you get you models?

Ahhh the MAGIC question how do I get models?
It's pretty simple actually once  you are an established photographer they come to you by word of mouth or if you are just starting out place ads on such sites as OMP or MNM or even Craigslist. All models have their own price some charge more some charge less its up to you as a photographer to either pay them or turn them down, There are thousands of models here in Sunny Florida to pick from and my favorite models are the ones that I use most often,just turned 18 and never been shot before!

What will i get if i join zoligirls

Let me start by telling you what you wont get... You wont get 30 something girls dressed as teenagers. Zoli only hires true teen models My maximum age limit for models is 18 to 22. You will not find Hardcore porn here.You will not see cocks  of any shape or form ( if this is what you are looking for go away )

What will you get?

Picture sets of 100 images plus.

ZIP format for e-z DOWNLOAD

HQ Images at 3,888 x 2,592

Full length original zoligirl pantyhose movies,

In studio as well as public images,

A chance to purchase models worn uniforms and pantyhose at  major discount,

If you see an outfit you like just drop me an e-mail.

Constant updates of videos and image sets,

Behind the scenes video of the photo shoot,

And much much more......

Hundreds of just turned legal girls wearing your favorite brand of pantyhose,

uniforms, socks, and sneakers, All images are shot by Zoli for Zoligirls. I do not buy content from other producers.

Come on in give us a try We have been on line since 1999


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